Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I never update this thing, do I?

Well, that's okay. I've been busy with work.

I'm an office lackey so this gives me the excuse to dress up, which I adore. And my coworkers are very accepting of my hair color. I just wish my hair itself would
A. stay pink
B. be softer and silkier and more managable.

Oh well. Bleaching the shit out of your hair will do that. Feeling glam and being blonde/blue green/pink/red is worth it. I'm not a brunette at heart. My roots do not match my personality.

BTW, the dress is from Harlow's Vintage on etsy. They're absolutely excellent, lovely service, perfect quality, some consistently nice stuff. I dunno. If something in their shop makes your vagina salivate, I would say buy it no matter what the price. Vintage is an investment. Anything that you wear that makes you feel beautiful is an investment.

I think I'll buy a pink wig...Pink looks so good with minty colors. Makes me feel girly and fancy and shit like that.


Monday, July 4, 2011


Just a quick drawing.

Some fun with color.

Happy 4th everybody!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I started making polyvores again.

Exciting news! Alert the presses! This is my idea of casual for hot weather.

Wannabe Rainbow

This is the sort of thing I wear to work. I dipdyed my hair aqua, thanks for noticing! Want a blowjob?
I can almost hear Tyra yelling at me about my neck.....

I want to be classy.

I don't get to dress up too often so when I do, I reeeeeeeeally enjoy it.

Very silly full length. I had not yet purchased le tripod.

Skirt and blazer bought seperately but match perfectly-must be fate

Shoes-Generic (Prada, I believe?) knockoff with a heel that I painted hot pink

Russian tourist pins purchased from ebay adorn the blazer

Detail shots


Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Hat Guy

This is the Hat Guy.

He's been around my local mall as long as I can remember, wandering around, always in different hats. I think he makes a new one every month. There's a Christmassy hat at Christmas, with tinsel and pine and tree ornaments, an Easter looking hat around Easter, with bunny ears and pastel colors and eggs, bright, splashy colors and little mini inner tubes in the summer monthes, and a birthday looking hat around January. The hats are always intricate, fun, and happy.

I suppose Hat Guy is a curiosity. I know a bit about him although I don't know his name. I know he has (or had) brain cancer. I know that I used to think he was a child molester and was terrified of him but he's very nice and probably whacks it to regular anal porn like most nice, kosher old guys. I know that he loves everyone except for my friend, who has a floppy banged emo haircut. Every time Hat Guy sees my friend he tells him that he looks like a girl. I know that I think Hat Guy is a beautiful person.

I want to buy a hat and some craft supplies and go to the mall. I want to walk around with Hat Guy and talk to him and tell him how happy he makes me. I want to ask him what gave him the idea, why he started doing this. I want to tell him that I think he's extraordinary.

Its summer. I'll be able to drive soon. I think I will do this. I hope I get the chance to.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I live and die kawaii.

First outfit post!
Sometimes I want to be kawaii. Cute. Pleasingly attractive. Dripping with charming childlike innocence and devoid of all bad intentions.

I wore a petticoat like skirt underneath a tank dress and then threw on some flats and my lucky cross. Not full fledged lolita but the results are super duper cute.

I'll get a decent camera eventually and you'll be spared of my goofy blingee cell phone pics but they're *cute*. Cuteness may be a little bit infantile but that's kind of the point.

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ _ ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ _❁◕ ‿ ◕❁ _✿◕ ‿ ◕✿


Fuck yeah, tattoos.
School was really boring during finals so I drew on my arm all the way up to the elbow. It's pretty intricate, I myself am rather proud of it. Tattoos are wonderful when done right and hilarious when done wrong. They aren't for everybody but I love the things. Body modifications make you seem a little bit more then human. Its good to love your body and who you are but changing it a bit from the way it was when you were born just seems so cool, so personal. (Of course, there isn't much personal about tribals or nautical stars but some people don't give two tits about that.) The drawing I made is pretty detailed and has a lot of shading. Kind of Tim Burton-y looking.

I don't have any tats yet but I know I want a little less then a quarter sleeve on one of my arms. I want a part of me wrapped in an intricate pattern with just a few little slivers of my bright white skin peeking through. I know a few symbols I want in it but basically, I just want it to be detailed and colorful as hell.
I've been thinking about giving myself a stick 'n poke (prison tattoo) on my foot too but I've never seen somebody with a cool tattoo that they got when they were a teenager. I think no matter what I gave myself, I'd hate it when I got older. Oh well. On to some pictures. Relevance may vary, I'm ADD.


(Probably my favorite manifesto wrist tat ever. Source.)



If you own any of these images and you want me to take them down or cite you as the source, lemme know but you're a dumbass for not putting the watermark on them and I don't get anything but shits and giggles from this here lil' blawg. After you pull yourself from my ass, maybe you should learn to use the fucking internet.


A fucking introduction post.

Hi, my name is Anette Katrinka Roux but usually on the internet I call myself Tumor. It's sort of my old scene kid name and sort of a 4chan reference. I like the shock factor of it. I think it's cute.

I love clothes and pride myself on having a bit of an eclectic personal style. If I couldn't screw around with clothes, I would be bored and wouldn't feel like myself. I like cussing, bright colors, Tyler Durden, things that could be described as kawaii, noise rock, and getting away with things. I don't like being bored, judgey people, or All Time Low. Yeah, fuck All Time Low, they're crap.

Anyway, I'm excited about starting this. I drew the header myself and I'm still screwing around with the layout but I have a good feeling about this. It's just a positive place for me to enjoy and share physical beauty.

Speaking of physical beauty, this is what I look like.

(No makeup. Fuck the stuff, I love it but I don't need it. I look like a cute lil' heroin addict here. Tee hee.)