Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Hat Guy

This is the Hat Guy.

He's been around my local mall as long as I can remember, wandering around, always in different hats. I think he makes a new one every month. There's a Christmassy hat at Christmas, with tinsel and pine and tree ornaments, an Easter looking hat around Easter, with bunny ears and pastel colors and eggs, bright, splashy colors and little mini inner tubes in the summer monthes, and a birthday looking hat around January. The hats are always intricate, fun, and happy.

I suppose Hat Guy is a curiosity. I know a bit about him although I don't know his name. I know he has (or had) brain cancer. I know that I used to think he was a child molester and was terrified of him but he's very nice and probably whacks it to regular anal porn like most nice, kosher old guys. I know that he loves everyone except for my friend, who has a floppy banged emo haircut. Every time Hat Guy sees my friend he tells him that he looks like a girl. I know that I think Hat Guy is a beautiful person.

I want to buy a hat and some craft supplies and go to the mall. I want to walk around with Hat Guy and talk to him and tell him how happy he makes me. I want to ask him what gave him the idea, why he started doing this. I want to tell him that I think he's extraordinary.

Its summer. I'll be able to drive soon. I think I will do this. I hope I get the chance to.

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