Friday, June 3, 2011


Fuck yeah, tattoos.
School was really boring during finals so I drew on my arm all the way up to the elbow. It's pretty intricate, I myself am rather proud of it. Tattoos are wonderful when done right and hilarious when done wrong. They aren't for everybody but I love the things. Body modifications make you seem a little bit more then human. Its good to love your body and who you are but changing it a bit from the way it was when you were born just seems so cool, so personal. (Of course, there isn't much personal about tribals or nautical stars but some people don't give two tits about that.) The drawing I made is pretty detailed and has a lot of shading. Kind of Tim Burton-y looking.

I don't have any tats yet but I know I want a little less then a quarter sleeve on one of my arms. I want a part of me wrapped in an intricate pattern with just a few little slivers of my bright white skin peeking through. I know a few symbols I want in it but basically, I just want it to be detailed and colorful as hell.
I've been thinking about giving myself a stick 'n poke (prison tattoo) on my foot too but I've never seen somebody with a cool tattoo that they got when they were a teenager. I think no matter what I gave myself, I'd hate it when I got older. Oh well. On to some pictures. Relevance may vary, I'm ADD.


(Probably my favorite manifesto wrist tat ever. Source.)



If you own any of these images and you want me to take them down or cite you as the source, lemme know but you're a dumbass for not putting the watermark on them and I don't get anything but shits and giggles from this here lil' blawg. After you pull yourself from my ass, maybe you should learn to use the fucking internet.


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