Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I never update this thing, do I?

Well, that's okay. I've been busy with work.

I'm an office lackey so this gives me the excuse to dress up, which I adore. And my coworkers are very accepting of my hair color. I just wish my hair itself would
A. stay pink
B. be softer and silkier and more managable.

Oh well. Bleaching the shit out of your hair will do that. Feeling glam and being blonde/blue green/pink/red is worth it. I'm not a brunette at heart. My roots do not match my personality.

BTW, the dress is from Harlow's Vintage on etsy. They're absolutely excellent, lovely service, perfect quality, some consistently nice stuff. I dunno. If something in their shop makes your vagina salivate, I would say buy it no matter what the price. Vintage is an investment. Anything that you wear that makes you feel beautiful is an investment.

I think I'll buy a pink wig...Pink looks so good with minty colors. Makes me feel girly and fancy and shit like that.


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